Ape TM 703 - Pick Up



The working Ape par excellence.

  • Steering wheel option left hand drive with floor gear change, and two seats with seat belts, £TBA
  • Also available with long-lasting light alloy sides featuring a modern design
  • Transportable weight of over 700 Kg
  • The handlebar model is ideal for suburban areas, whereas the steering wheel model is suitable for driving inside and outside of the city.


  • Steering wheel option £TBA
  • Handlebar model
  • Diesel option £4395.00 (plus VAT)
  • Available both with short and long rear cargo deck

Available colours:

Piaggio UK
Piaggio Ape worldwide
50 Pick-Up
50 Panel Van
50 Web
50 Cross Country
TM Pick-Up
TM Panel Van
TM Tipper